Chef Bobo Ivan

bobo ivan

my favorite shade of green is pantone 354 but i hate peas. i also dislike mussels, you’ll never find them in my restaurants. am i a good cook? i’m still working on it. i would have preferred to be an architect. luckily i can do both. my favorite time of day would be any time i’m at the movies. i can pretty much recite back to the future… great scott! if i can travel anywhere, i’d still stay right here. i miss having disposable free time as a child. any free time i have now is dedicated to writing screenplays and composing music.

favorite pizza topping: roasted ham + grilled pineapple


vittorio viotti

i am not a good cook, but i eat well. julia roberts once came into my restaurant. i should have asked her if she's ever seen a pretty woman. it woulda be cool to meet steve jobs too. i always wanted to be a zombie hunter. i read a lot, perhaps this is where it comes from. i dislike jealousy and am always losing money. thank goodness for my wife. one day i will go to tristan da cunha… google it.

favorite pizza topping: porchetta

Christian Hostaria del Piccolo

christian bertolini

i love to dance. you’d only know this if you’ve seen me in the restaurant. my earliest memory was an (unsuccessful) escape from kindergarten. my favorite time of day is the afternoon. i dislike arrogance and a pet peeve of mine is people that come to work with a negative attitude. i miss staying at my grandparents’ house in italy. somehow i am always losing my clothes. funny movies make me laugh.

favorite pizza topping: tomato

Chef Germano Minin

germano minin

many people ask me what is the most famous celebrity i’ve ever met in the restaurant. the answer is bobo… only he doesn’t think he’s famous. i store christmas decorations under my bed. my favorite thing to do is walk several blocks to the beach and feel the cold sand on my feet. some people call me biondo (blonde) even if i don’t have blond hair… or any hair for that matter. i used to think i would grow up to be a soccer player back in the days when i would play with all my friends in a field behind the church in my town.

favorite pizza topping: goat cheese