How to Make a WordPress Site Mobile Friendly

Although there was a push to make websites friendlier to use on mobile devices before Google added mobile-friendliness and user experience as ranking factors, this action made responsive websites the industry standard. This move was supported by the fact that, at the time, about 50% of all online users were on mobile and this number has only increased in the years since. Now, websites that are not mobile-friendly risk ranking lower on search engine result pages. So, what can you do to ensure your WordPress website is mobile-friendly?

Improve Your Site’s Speed

It is easy to forget that many people who consume information on the internet on mobile devices are on slow network connections. Because of this, websites that are not optimized for speed will load too slowly for them, making their experience terrible and thus they are not mobile-friendly.

Before you start optimizing your website, you should use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to see how fast your website is. Some things you can do to improve your site’s speed include choosing a faster web host, joining a Content Delivery Network, updating your themes and plugins, optimizing your images, and more.

Use a Mobile-Friendly Theme

Your theme can be a bottleneck in your efforts to make your website mobile friendly. Websites that have been built with mobile users in mind will perform much better than those that were not. Because developers all claim their themes are great for mobile users, check out online reviews to see which developers are telling the truth. You could also test different themes on dummy or test hosting accounts to see which themes perform well for mobile users.

Use Mobile-Friendly Plugins

Just like themes, all the plugins you use to display content on your website should be mobile-friendly. A common user experience annoyance for users is having to scroll horizontally to see the information that is “out of screen” and that is coming from a plugin. The plugin should resize so that it fits screens of different sizes. A great example is Coupon Plugin, an easy to use coupon plugin, which is 100% mobile-responsive for a great user experience no matter the device website visitors are using.

Optimize Your Navigation

One annoyance that people often have online is websites that are not easy to navigate. Things get even trickier for mobile users who have to navigate various menus to get to the content or pages they are looking for. The navigation on your website should be easy to understand and use on mobile devices. Avoid using too many navigation levels and ensure the clickable area is large enough for those with larger fingers.

Optimize Your Buttons

If you want your website to be easier to use for mobile visitors, you have to optimize your buttons. Not only should they be big enough to be noticed, but they should also be big enough to click. Remember, a mouse pointer is much more precise than a finger and so this issue might not affect desktop users.

If you want people to get what they came for on your website, you have to make it mobile-friendly. Doing so improves user experience and mobile-friendly websites rank better, so doing this is crucial for your SEO, too.

How to Boost Motivation Before a Long Work Day

When you’ve got a long day of work ahead of you, it can be difficult to find the motivation to get started, let alone carry on. Luckily, there are things you can do to get your day off to a flying start and pull motivation out of the bag. Below, we will outline five techniques that you can call on when you need that little push.

Natural Mood Enhancers

You don’t need to pop yourself full of narcotics to get a buzz out of life. Instead, you can turn to mother nature’s own natural mood boosters. Our top pick is Kratom, which is a natural opioid proven to boost mood and increase productivity.

If you struggle regardless of your morning vice, you can consider Maeng Da Kratom. This is a blended extract of Kratom that is more commercially produced and said to pack a larger punch.

Keep the Water Flowing

When you’re sleeping, your body will deplete your water sources while it’s doing all that rejuvenation. Therefore, when you’re feeling sluggish in the morning, the first thing you should do is chug a fat glass of water. Further, throughout the day, you should keep the momentum rolling by topping up on the water.

Substantial Breakfast

Breakfast truly is one of the most important meals of the day because it gives you a powerful energy boost to get you through until lunch. Further, when you’ve had a decent breakfast, your mind isn’t focusing on the screams of your hungry stomach. Although you need to squeeze in breakfast, you need to make sure that it’s a healthy meal. As a general rule, try and avoid sugary foods that will inhibit your ability to concentrate.

Moderate Caffeine Intake

A good cup of coffee can work wonders for our motivation. However, you should make sure you moderate your intake. When you have too much caffeine, you become susceptible to headaches and will find your motivation levels drifting away. If you can’t resist a hot brew, you should consider going decaf for the sake of your productivity.

Prioritize Tasks

When you’ve got a long day ahead of you, it can be demotivating to think of all the tasks you’ve got to complete. A good way of getting your mind prepared for the day is to chop your work down into manageable chunks and prioritize them. Having a clear mind that’s focused on a tight schedule will help to boost your overall motivation. If you’ve got any jobs you can leave for another day, don’t be afraid to let them roll over to take off the pressure.

The thought of a long day at work can leave us feeling low and demotivated. Luckily, you can take measures to boost your motivation and have a great day. You should treat your body right and get yourself a good breakfast in the morning and keep the water intake up throughout the day. Further, if you need that extra boost, you should consider natural mood enhancers like Kratom.

Secure Pay and Shipping at My Treasure Box

A watch box secures your valuable timepieces in place. It keeps your baubles organized in separate slots to prevent each watch from scratching one another. Moreover, it protects your precious timekeepers from dust, moist, and other external elements that may cause damage in it. Therefore, a watch box protects your investment to make it last a lifetime.

One of the best places to buy a high-quality and aesthetic watch box in Australia is My Treasure Box. This online store is quite popular for its wide collection of durable and stunning products.  The options here at My Treasure Box are unlimited! And, people love this distributor for its amazing buyer support system and services.

Another reason why most buyers prefer this store is their shipping, returns, and payment terms. My Treasure Box understands the hassle of checking out products and online payments that most often takes three to five days of business processing. That is why this store made shipping and paying easier and faster.

Shipping Conditions

This amazing store offers free shipping and delivery of all items to customers all over Australia. If you are living within the country, grab this chance of purchasing a watch box without additional shipping fees!

Imagine the money you’ll save from all those shipping and delivery cost. Indeed, it is a fantastic offer coming from this store.

Unfortunately, My Treasure Box is only serving customers in Australia; for those who are outside of the country, standby and watch out for updates about the store’s overseas distribution in the future.

Easy Payment

Online payment here at My Treasure Box is hassle-free. This store is OK for Afterpay with zipMoney, all cards, and PayPal as well.

The store also values customer confidentiality. You can assure every purchase at My Treasure Box is kept secured. There’s no third party involved and can access your private information. And, if something goes wrong with the processing of your order, the store’s customer system will gladly assist you.

Easy Returns

Remember that the goal of My Treasure Box is to deliver the best product and services to customers. Hence, the store will respect your decisions, whether it is at the last minute.

Long-distance shipping sometimes causes damages to the item. So, if you happen to receive a damaged product, you can return the item easily to the store.

You can request a refund or exchange of the product by contacting the store through their email address within thirty days of your delivery date. However, take note that the store won’t cover the postage cost for returns. The process will begin once the item is shipped back to My Treasure Box.

What if you want to exchange your purchase with an item of lesser value?

No worries! The store will send you the item you choose and refund the difference. But if the item has a higher price compared to your former order, you have to pay the difference through an online payment.

Also, keep in mind that the store follows strict terms when returning items. Go to their official website to find out more details about the items eligible for returns and exclusions.

Tips and Tricks on How to Fix Your Sleep Patterns

Is it hard for you to sleep at night?

Many people are suffering from poor sleep. It is either due to distractions, insomnia or the body get used to working at night. Regardless, take in mind that poor sleep has health consequences. It increases your risk to various medical conditions such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. Moreover, poor sleep can lead to stress, fatigue, and depression.

No doubt, sleep is essential for the body. The human body is not a machine that can work non-stop. It has to rest and regain energy to work better. Likewise, sleep is the key to optimal physical performance, mental functions, and overall productivity. Thus, if you have been suffering from sleepless nights, now is the time to act on it. Find a solution with the help of Zarias.

Zarias is an online source that guides individuals on how to fix sleep cycles. Everything you need to know in getting back your sleeping pattern is right here.

Without further ado, here are some useful tips on how to help yourself sleep better at night.

#1 Prep Your Body

Stick to a routine that helps your body to relax and prepare for bed. You can do several activities that can let your body fall asleep. Examples of it are reading books or listening to music. Any activity that will relax your mind and body is a good choice.

#2 Reduce Lighting

Does your room have lots of lighting?

It could be one of the reasons why you can sleep well at night. Before going to sleep, make sure your room is dark or has lesser lighting. The brain associated darkness to sleep and daylight to wakefulness. This human characteristic is an evolutionary trait from the ancestors. Thus, one approach that could trick your body to fall asleep is through manipulating light.

You can install blackout curtains to prevent light from outside in seeping inside your room. If you have no budget for blackout curtains, using a sleep mask is a great alternative.

Wearing a sleep mask helps in muting distractions around you. It is also effective in blocking light. Likewise, a sleep mask lets your body relax and feel comfortable.

#3 Regulate Nap Time

Power naps during the day are important. It is the best key to revitalize your body after long hours of working. However, nap time that extends to one hour or more is no longer healthy. According to medical professionals, 30 minutes of napping is enough to regain energy. Exceeding nap time can ruin your sleeping cycle.

From now on, try to control your naps during the day. With this, you can sleep better during night time.

#4 Workout 

Experts say exercising at least 150 minutes per week promotes quality sleep. However, it does not mean that you have to perform strenuous workout before you go to sleep. High-intensity workout late in the night can interfere with your sleep. It is best to save runs and intense workout in the morning or afternoon. Hence, do less taxing exercises like stretching before sleeping.

Follow the above steps to get back your sleep cycle. But if you need additional info, do not hesitate to consult Zarias.

Positive Online Reviews: Why does it Matter?

Customers no longer depend on advertisements and social media to learn whether a business is worth trusting. What they do is rely on the reviews of fellow customers to determine if the products or services of a company are worth spending cash.

Indeed, product reviews have a paramount effect in an online business. You need to have excellent reviews to survive in the intense competition of the online business industry.

The popularity of online reviews increased significantly over the past years. Customers even make their blog of product reviews to show their reaction towards a certain product or services. Also, online markets such as eBay and Amazon have a page dedicated to customer reviews.

Reviews have an enormous impact on any business in the industry. It could be the reason behind the success of a company or the cause of its downfall. In a nutshell, reviews have become an integral part in business, particularly on the internet.

Numerous studies show that positive reviews offer countless advantages to a brand. Here are the primary effects of positive online reviews to business.

Why Does Positive Reviews Matter?

Increased Customer Conversion

When you get Amazon reviews with positive feedback, other individuals see these reviews on the page.

Today, most customers rely on reading reviews on evaluating online products. Therefore, they use it as a basis to consider whether an item is worth spending cash. If your brand has positive reviews, there is a huge chance that customers will respond nicely to your products leading to increased customer conversion.

Online Reputation

No business would like to earn a bad reputation. Your brand reputation will affect the decision of customers in dealing with you. If you have a poor reputation in online review sites like Amazon, chances are your target customers won’t spend their time, effort and money on your product.

Having positive reviews boosts your online reputation. Likewise, it increases your popularity on the web. High reputation can lead to more customers and number of sales.

Higher Trust Rating

Customer trust and satisfaction are essential for keeping a good business reputation. Positive reviews support high trust rating from customers. Reading honest and positive feedback from other customers encourages them to rely on your brand.

Increased Number of Sales

Based on a study, positive reviews increase the likelihood of customers spending more money on your items. Convincing customer feedbacks are likely to encourage customers to buying up to 31 percent more in comparison to poor reviews. Therefore, positive reviews are an excellent way to help your business gain more sales.

Do positive reviews matter?

The answer is definitely yes.

If your business is struggling with gaining positive customer reviews, never worry! There are several ways to help you boost online reputation and positive reviews.

One of the most informative online sources you can rely on is Business Case Studies. This website has all the information on how to improve online reputation. It also teaches you the most effective method on how to gain online reviews. You can use this source as a guide in developing your online business.